11 September 2017

Sweden’s Anna Serner Calls for Bigger Production Budgets for Female Directors

Anna Serner, the CEO of the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) and leading global expert on gender equality in film, has said one of her next steps in Sweden will be making sure female filmmakers get access to the same production budget levels as men.

In her Moguls talk in Toronto, Serner said, “They [women directors] don’t get the big budgets, it’s because the production companies only still present male directors,” she said. “This is our next very important action, this is a big part of our ‘50-50 by 2020,’ we have a new action plan and one big point in that is to get women to get the bigger budgets as well.

”It’s amazing [this bias] still exists, we know female directors get big box office successes, higher ROU on those films. And yet they are seen as not experienced enough….You can have a guy who’s never made a film and he can get a big budget.”

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