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The BFI has this week launched the BFI Filmography, the world’s first complete and accurate living record of UK cinema, which means everyone – from film fans and industry professionals to researchers and students – can now search and explore British film history, for free. The resource draws on credits from over 10,000 films, from […]

USC Annenberg Study Shows Recent Top Films Lack Females on Screen and Behind Camera Los Angeles–February 23, 2010. A recent study of the 100 top-grossing films of 2007 by the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism found that females continue to be a large minority both on the screen and behind the camera. However, […]

WFTV has joined with The Fawcett Society and over 40 other organisations in a pre election campaign to ask all the parties ‘What about women?’  The campaign has submitted a range of questions on how the parties policies in areas from culture and media, the economy, crime and family life will impact on women and […]

Guidelines for Employers offering Work Placement Schemes in the Creative Industries Work placement schemes provide opportunities and benefits to both individuals and employers. They are a useful way for those wishing to enter the creative industries to gain an insight in to the industry and to make informed career choices. For employers, they are an […]

Skillset’s most recent census revealed some shocking statistics about women in the TV industry, including that 4950 women have lost their job since the recession, compared to just 650 men. To read the full report, click here. Original article

The 2010 Statistical Yearbook, compiled by the UK Film Council’s Research and Statistics Unit, once again presents the most comprehensive picture of film in the UK. To read the full Yearbook online, click here. Original article

  A fascinating report from Equity and the Federation of International Actors, Age, Gender and Performer Employment in Europeexplores issue of gender equality and discrimination. Original article

WFTV sponsor and partner, the UK Film Council, has masses of info on research and stats on all aspects of film in the UK from policy and strategy to weekly box office figures, click here, or on the link at the top right of this window. Original article

We love Martha Lauzen’s research on women in film and TV. She heads the Centre for the Study of Women in TV and Film at San Diego University, California. Here’s one of her recent studies to whet your appetite: Women @ the Box Office: A Study of the Top 100Worldwide Grossing Films. Original article

Click here to read the Gender Equality Duty Fact Sheet. Original article

We’d like to draw your attention to this significant study of UK Screenwriters by Susan Rogers, funded by the UKFC Diversity department. Writing British Films – Who Writes British Films and How Are They Recruited Original article

Click here to read this report analyzing behind-the-scenes employment of 2,706 individuals working on the top 250 domestic grossing films in the US in 2008.Though the study focuses on the figures from 2008, it also places them in an historical context by making comparison with equivalent figures from a 1998 study and considering research from 2007. Original article