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Applications for the 2018 WFTV Mentoring Scheme are now closed.

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Current mentees

Meet our latest group of Mentees, who will be part of the scheme for 6 months from January 2018...

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We handpick our mentors to suit the needs of our mentees. They then spend six one-hour mentoring sessions together over the course of the scheme.

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Mentoring FAQs

I have nearly but not quite seven years' experience - can I still apply?

The scheme is designed for mid-career women. The dynamic relies on everyone having enough industry knowledge to share with the group, so it’s not suitable if you are still establishing yourself in your career, as you would soon feel out of your depth. However, if you are close to seven years, have a proven track record in your field and a clear goal then, as long as you will have seven years' experience by the time the scheme starts, your application will be considered.

I have got more than seven years of experience but I’ve had a career break – am I eligible?

The scheme is designed to help people stay in the industry, and that includes helping people re-enter the industry after maternity leave or other reasons. As long as your total experience (excluding your time out) is more than seven years, you are eligible.

I’m not a producer or director – does that put me at a disadvantage?

We like to have as diverse a group as possible so we positively encourage people from different disciplines. So far we’ve had a set decorator, an agent, a financier, a colourist, a technical ops director, a couple of DoPs and editors, a vision mixer, a presenter, a distributor, a composer, an AD and a voiceover artist, as well as directors, producers and writers. We would love to expand this list even further.

I’m an actor – can I apply?

The scheme is primarily designed for people working in production or business roles, i.e. behind the camera. We have, however, had a number of mentees who are ex-actors currently working as writers and directors. We have also had actors who are transitioning into another role, or running two careers side-by-side, and wanted to work on developing their non-acting career.

I’m not a freelancer - does that make me ineligible?

No - typically 25-30% of the mentees have permanent contracts.

I’m not in my 30s – am I too old?

Not at all! We have had mentees in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.