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09 March 2018

More Complex Roles for Older Women? Yes Please.

“Women who are over 50 or 40 – or whatever that magic number is – we’re not invisible. We get to fall in love,” says Barbara Broccoli, producer of Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool, a UK/Hollywood biopic that marks a real sea change in filmed entertainment. While focussing on actor Peter Turner’s real life […]

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05 March 2018

Author Joy Press on The Importance of Female Showrunners

WFTV is delighted to share this special guest blog post written by Joy Press, author of brand new book Stealing the Show: How Women Are Revolutionizing Television. “I decided to write a book dedicated to the struggles and triumphs of American female TV creators who fought their way through Hollywood and changed television forever.” I […]

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08 February 2018

The Short Film Taking on Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Stance: A Guest Blog from Writer/Director Claire Fowler

Claire Fowler is a Brooklyn-based Brit who received funding from Shore Scripts to make her short film, Salam. In this guest blog post she shares with us her experience of getting the film fully funded and made – and how the election of Donald Trump made it even more of an imperative for her to […]

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17 November 2017

Going It Alone: Documentary Director Jane Williams Shares the Story of Making Her Indie Documentary, Pilgrim Home

In this guest blog post, Birmingham-based director and WFTV member, Jane Williams describes her journey from BBC secretary to making her first independent documentary, Pilgrim Home – the untold story of an English Manor house where events over 400 years ago would come to define the spirit and ideals of the United States of America. […]

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26 October 2017

The Art of Illusion (or the Magic of Film Production) – A guest blog by Wendy Laybourn

“Sadly, too many students come out of education thinking that production is all about the headliners – performers, producers, directors and cinematographers – and are totally unaware of the number of people (and range of skills) it takes to produce what we see at the cinema or on television.” Film production, as anyone who has […]

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07 October 2016

Matt Gallagher: “Inspirational women at the helm will shape the future of our industry”

When I started writing Breaking into UK Film & TV Drama, I knew it needed lots of voices, not just my own, to make it truly invaluable for the readers: new entrants to the industry. So I turned to the most influential industry bodies and most talented freelancers in the business to ask them to […]

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27 October 2014

iFeatures and Beyond: Introducing The Levelling

This week, we welcome the creative team behind The Levelling – one of eight projects through to the final round of development on iFeatures. Back in May we introduced you to Team Ugly List, a talented group of women (Alex Kalymnios, Abby Ajayi and Jessica Levick) who had come together to make their supernatural genre […]

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08 September 2014

Team Ugly List: Final Blog

This is the Final blog entry from the Team Ugly List, Abby, Alex, & Jess fill us in on the experience so far… Just over eight weeks ago returning from the iFeatures residential in Sheffield we had only a small inkling of the work that lay ahead of us to revise and put together a package for […]

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27 August 2014

The Writer’s Perspective: GOOD MEDICINE

  One of the most rewarding aspects of the iFeatures experience, so far, has been the chance to be liberated from my writing cave to go on story and location recces with my director and producer. For The Ugly List, our single location story, finding the right school is going to be absolutely crucial. We […]

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12 August 2014

Team Ugly List: The Producer’s View, The Countdown

This week, Team Ugly List have been out and about checking locations and racing the clock… Producer, Jessica Levick, fills us in. We’ve now got under a fortnight until all our deliverables for iFeatures are due to be submitted – so the countdown to the 22 August delivery deadline is well and truly under way. […]

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