WFTV Event: Shoot & Edit on Your Smartphone Workshop

15th February 2017 6:30 pm
Phone photo

Have you got a great idea for a film, but no money to shoot it? Have you been asked to film a teaser or proof of concept by a commissioner but don’t have any development money? Or do you have a documentary story that simply must be told but don’t have access to funding?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could shoot it and edit on your smart phone for nothing? Well this hands on workshop is going to show you how!

Deirdre Mulcahy, Senior Video & Mobile Journalism Trainer from the BBC Academy will pass on her top tips for using your smartphone as a professional camera, allowing you to cheaply and quickly produce broadcast quality content. Deirdre will cover camera angles, lighting, useful apps, workflow, editing and uploading final clips.

Don’t miss this incredible session that will let you turn your smartphone in your handbag into all the camera and editing equipment you’ll ever need. There will be nothing holding you back from making all of the films you want!

Don’t forget to bring your fully charged smart phone!

deirdre-mulcahyDeirdre Mulcahy is the senior Trainer in Mobile Journalism, camera and edit training at the BBC Academy. Deirdre worked as a BBC Camerawoman for BBC Network News for sixteen years and during that time also shot a documentary in Afghanistan for BBC World:

Deirdre has been training journalists for over 10 years in regional and national newsrooms and been training BBC Correspondents to film and edit their own material. The most fundamental change she has seen over that time is the move away from gathering material on big cameras towards mobile phones. She trains on any tool that records video and she is currently involved in various projects globally to deliver shooting and editing skill on mobile phones, for journalists at the BBC World Service.

LinkedIn: deirdre-mulcahy

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Wednesday 15 February
From 18.30 to 20:00
The Theatres Trust
22 Charing Cross Road