The Art of Negotiation with Sara Putt

16th January 2019 18:30

Wednesday 16 January | 6.30pm – 8.30pm (Session starts 7:00pm)| Theatres Trust, Theatres Trust, 22 Charing Cross Road


In our jobs and career we constantly need to negotiate. We need to negotiate our rates of pay, our terms of contract, suitable credits or recognition for our work and a plethora of terms and conditions surrounding film and TV production. Yet often when it comes to negotiating for ourselves we can find it awkward or difficult to ask for what we think we deserve.

So how do you get some of what you want, at least some of the time?

Sara Putt is the founder and Managing Director of SARA PUTT ASSOCIATES, the leading independent UK agency for film and television heads of department. Providing personal management and representation within feature films, TV drama, documentaries and entertainment for over 20 years.

Sara has to negotiate on the behalf of her clients on a daily basis and in this session for Women in Film and TV, she will be work-shopping the key strategies to a successful and positive negotiation.

Sara will cover the different types of negotiations, how to best build your case to get what you want, how to keep your nerve and how to keep the negotiation going.

This workshop is a must session for anyone who has to negotiate their way through their film and TV career.

Sara Putt

Sara Putt established Sara Putt Associates in 1989 and has been working as Managing Director and Agent ever since. As well as the day job Sara has also produced several award winning short films including Tattoo which was BAFTA nominated in 2002. Sara also sits on the Women in Film & TV Board of Directors.





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Thursday 16 January

From 18:30 to 20:30

The Theatres Trust

22 Charing Cross Road